Chengdu XPHASED Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in July 2019. It is a private high-tech enterprise focusing on microwave and millimeter wave active phased array antennas. We provide a full range of multifunctional integrated chips, modules, active arrays, complete machines and other products related to millimeter wave phased array antennas, as well as testing services.

The company is located in building 10, Tianfu New Valley, No. 399, Fucheng Avenue, hi tech Zone, Chengdu, with an office and scientific research production area of about 3100 square meters. At present, the company's staffing is mainly R & D, most of its production is outsourcing, with 130 full-time employees, including 80 professional and technical personnel, 4 doctors, 35 masters and 41 undergraduates. The company has gathered a group of technicians with rich engineering experience in the field of millimeter wave phased array in China. The core R & D team members have created many domestic initiatives in the field of millimeter wave phased array. It has strong R & D technology capability and rich experience in R & D and production management in the aspects of pedigree chip / module R & D, series integrated R & D, scenario based product application solutions, and related process production technology, full-automatic test equipment, etc.


The company has purchased a complete set of phased array related testing instruments from chip test to complete machine test, and has built a 100000 level purification micro assembly line for module production and assembly; an electric clamp assembly line for assembly of parts, complete machine and other products; a near-field Laboratory for product near-field calibration and amplitude phase scanning and other tests; a compact field laboratory for product direction map and EI RP, g / T and other performance index tests; Environmental Laboratory for environmental test of products; joint commissioning room for joint commissioning test of system level products.

At present, the most widely used fields of millimeter wave phased array are: satellite communication terminal, auto driving imaging radar, 5g communication base station. The company has been committed to become the leader and driving force in these three fields in China.