Adhering to our value of "customer first", our after-sales policy is formulated according to GB/T27922 Evaluation System for After-Sales Service of Commodity and the special characteristics of our products, covering the after-sales service policy, service scope, service commitments, service terms, and warranty escape clauses.

Service Purpose

We provide customers with all-around analysis, replacement, repair, and technical support services during the product life cycle, ensuring prompt response, proper communication, objectivity, and fairness to seek customer satisfaction.

Service scope

Our after-sales services are applicable to:

-  Products: panels (PCBA), chips, anechoic chambers, and other products directly sold by us.

-  Regions: all the markets where we directly sell our products.

-  Time: within and beyond the warranty period.

Service Commitment

-  Our warranty period is 12 months, starting from the first delivery date of our products. In the event special terms are agreed upon in the contract, the warranty period shall be subject to the said contract terms.

-  We shall provide free after-sales services for a product that is under warranty and has problems not attributed to its quality; if such problems are the result of other causes, we shall provide paid exemption services.

-  We shall respond to an after-sales demand of a customer within 1 working day and provide technical support within 5 working days. The replacement or repair of a product shall be fulfilled within the time limit agreed upon by the customer and us (hereafter referred to as "the Parties").

-  The warranty period of a replaced product shall be the same as that of a new product. A repaired product shall be under warranty for 3 months in case the same problem occurs again or the original warranty period shall be maintained.

-  Principle of assuming after-sales expenses: The responsible party shall bear the replacement, transportation, and other direct expenses for the product involved.

Service Terms

-  Verification of functional or performance problems: If a customer finds a product fault, troubleshooting shall be carried out according to the procedures provided by us to confirm its authenticity. Please refer to the attached table for the common fault troubleshooting methods.

-  If the fault remains or new faults occur after troubleshooting, please contact our sales personnel or request support through:

   After-sales telephone: 028-61355918

   Email address:

-  When confirming that the fault cannot be handled on the client, liability shall be determined by the Parties according to the following criteria.

-  Functional or performance problems: The customer shall apply for an RMA number to us for retesting, and the Parties shall judge the responsibility together based on the retesting and analysis results.

-  Physical damage: If the customer finds any damage upon receiving a product, the customer shall reject it and inform our marketing personnel. If any damage is found after accepting a product, the customer shall bear the responsibility. In the event of any objection, evidence may be submitted for appeal.

Notes for Exceptions

Any of the following circumstances is not covered by our warranty:

-  Warranty period expires.

-  Damage is caused by the customer's improper transportation, use, storage, and maintenance, or damage is man-made.

-  Damage is caused by electrostatic discharge (ESD) or electrical overstress (EOS).

-  Repair is performed by any maintenance department not authorized by us, or disassembly and repair are conducted by the customer.

-  The model on the invoice is inconsistent with that of the product to be repaired or has been falsified.

-  Failure or damage caused by the use of third-party products.