XPHASED Succeeds in Maritime Demonstration Testing of Phased Array Antenna

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May 7, 2020: Departure from Chengdu by Driving

On May 7, 2020, XPHASED team drove from Chengdu with Ka-band Satcom-on-the-move terminal (TenSu series) across the Qinling Mountains and all the way east to Qingdao Province. Along the way, a series of on-road testing were carried out. With one year on-road testing experience, no problems occurred with communication during the testing.

May 12, 2020: Arriving at Qingdao and Departure for Sailing

After arriving at Qingdao, the team worked closely with AVIC (ShenZhen) on board to complete the installation, protection and testing of the product. The journey started from Qingdao, sailed along the coastline, and finally stopped at the Yangtze River's inland port to begin a three-day maritime field testing.

The terminal was connected to ChinaSat 16 in the testing in which three beams were crossed.

On May 13, 2020: Smooth Connection to Satellite

At 14: 00 on May 13, 2020, under the condition that there is no mobile communication signal and WiFi in the Yellow Sea, the first video call from the Yellow Sea was established by using XPHASED Satcom-on-the-move terminal product.

(Offshore location: about 30 nautical miles from Nantong City, Jiangsu Province)

The successful video call connection indicates that our products are able to connect to satellites and acquire signals on the endless ocean, having achieved a breakthrough in the maritime field in its true sense.

As far as we know, this is the first time China has realized broadband network communication by connecting to GEO satellite at sea through civilian phased array terminal. It is a historic moment and it is a milestone for China turning phased array technology into commercial use.

It can be seen that the picture quality presented by the network connection through our product is quite clear, and the delay is almost the same as that in video call using 4G signals.

In terms of performance, the product has achieved an average downlink bandwidth of 60 Mbps and an uplink bandwidth of 7 Mbps under various weather and conditions at sea: turbulence, shipping speed increase, strong winds, cloud cover, etc ...

The video call lasted for one hour, during which there was no disconnection and the signal remained fast and stable.

Our phased array product has not only withstood all critical tests, but also performed better than expected!

The success of this satcom communication indicates that the dilemma of maritime communication became a thing of the past, and industries that need network access such as yachts, cruise ships and oil exploration will usher in the renewal of communication methods thanks to our products.

Facing the intense global competition in commercial phased array products, we never slackened off.

Starting from this historic moment, we will continue to strive for self-improvement!

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