Ku Band 4-Channel Phased-Array TRX IC [TRHJ-2060]

Ku Band 4-Channel Phased-Array TRX IC [TRHJ-2060]


Operating frequency range:

Transmitting: 13.7GHz to 14.5GHz

Receiving: 10.7GHz to 12.7GHz

4 independent controllable transmitting/receiving channels

Output 1dB power of compression point (P1dB) for transmitting: +11.8dBm

Input 1dB power of compression point (P1dB) for receiving: -27dBm to -24dBm

Transmitting/receiving gain: +21dB/+18.3dBm

Transmitting power added efficiency: 17.7%@P1dB

360° phase adjustment: 6-bit, 5.625°;

31dB amplitude adjustment: 6-bit, 0.5dB

Integrated temperature sensing and temperature compensation

Programmed bias mode

SPI bus: 4 wires

All-channel transmitting power consumption of chip (static): 0.12W

All-channel receiving power consumption of chip (static): 0.1W

Single-channel power consumption of chip (P1dB): 0.1W

Receiving noise figure: 2.85dB

Packaging form: WLCSP


TRHJ-2060 is a beamforming phased array silicabased (CMOS) chip featuring 4-channel interfrequency receiving and transmitting. Signals are processed through the transmitting and receiving channels respectively at the opening ports, with the receiving operating frequency ranging from 10.7GHz to 12.7GHz and the transmitting operating frequency

ranging from 13.7GHz to 14.5GHz. In receiving mode, input signals are input from RF_RX of the opening port and output from the common port RF_COM through 4 synthesizers. In transmitting mode, input signals are input by RF_IO of the common port and output by 4 RF_TX ports through 4 power dividers. The chip provides 6-bit phase (adjustment range: 360°, step: 5.625°) and 6-bit amplitude adjustment (adjustment range: 31dB, step:


A simple four-line serial port (SPI) is adopted for the TRHJ-2060 chip to control the on-chip register. In addition, the four address pins allow the SPI to control up to 16 chips on the same serial line. A specialized LOAD pin can also provide the synchronization of all core chips in the same array. WLCSP capsulation is adopted for TRHJ-2060. The working environment temperature range is −55℃ to+85℃

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You may use it for car/train/yacht/vessel/caravan/oil & gas platform /aero/helicopter/UAV and other applications