Ka Band 4-Channel DUAL-Pol Phased-Array Receiver IC [TRHJ-4100]

Ka Band 4-Channel DUAL-Pol Phased-Array Receiver IC [TRHJ-4100]


Operating frequency range: 17.5 GHz to 21.4 GHz

Working status: 4 independent controllable receiving


Receiving power (P1dB): -25 dBm

Receiving gain: 12 dB @ 19.45 GHz

Receiving noise figure: 4dB

Integrated temperature sensor and temperature

compensation function

360° phase adjustment: 6 bits, 5.625°

31dB gain adjustment: 6 bits, 0.5dB

Programmed bias mode

SPI bus: 4 wires

Receiving static power consumption: 0.25 W

Packaging form: WLCSP


TRHJ-4100 is a K-band millimeter-wave silicon-based (CMOS) chip with integrated receiving dual-beam, four channels and operating frequency ranging from 17.5 GHz to 21.4 GHz, which is mainly used in phased array systems. The chip is of independently controlled four-channel dual-beam output realized by internal power division and synthesis. The 4 RF input signals are divided into 8-channel signals after power division by the power divider, with 4-channel signals of which are combined into one route through the combiner and output as a beam through the public port I, and the other 4-channel signals are combined into one route through another combiner and output as another beam through the public port II. The chip of every beam provides 6-bit phase adjustment (adjustment range: 360°, step: 5.625°) and 6-bit amplitude adjustment (adjustment range: 31 dB, step: 0.5 dB).

The chip uses a simple four-wire serial interface (SPI) for register control. In addition, one set of SPI interfaces can control up to 16 chips. Each channel can be controlled independently by using special pin control, and all chips in the array system can be synchronized at the same time.

WLCSP capsulation with 73 pin is adopted for TRHJ-4100. The operating environment temperature range is −40℃ to +70℃.


You may use it for car/train/yacht/vessel/caravan/oil & gas platform /aero/helicopter/UAV and other applications