Ka SOTM [VA3045]

Ka SOTM  [VA3045]


·For Ka-band satellite communication application

·High performance 

·Low cost design

·Super low-profile design 

·Easy to install

·Super-fast locking down satellite and 

·Low weight and fit for any carrier. 

·Easy to redesign with XPHASED’s technical support

·Easy to use, with APP to support


Ultra-thin and light AESA antenna provides users with the best use experience, which benefits from the X-PANEL with Ultra-thin and light design. It can not only keep the overall shape unchanged after the carrier or platform is installed with antenna, but also maintain its center of gravity stable. In addition, the fast scanning and tracking ability of AESA almost makes the users feel no losing lock and recovering in the communication process. Short-time blocking and severe bumping brings no pressure on this antenna. What’s more, what matters for a new product based on new technology is how to put it into use quickly. For this purpose, XPHASED has completed the high integration of software and hardware, and it is extremely simple for users to use. Moreover, XPHASED provides a complete set of antenna design schemes to partners for reference, including debug software and redesign guidance services to ensure partners to quickly get started with redesign. 


You may use it for car/train/yacht/vessel/caravan/oil & gas platform /aero/helicopter/UAV and other applications