Ku Tx Panel [X·TenThu-U768T-G3]

Ku Tx Panel [X·TenThu-U768T-G3]


·Frequency 13.7GHz~14.5GHz

·Support circular and linear polarization 

·For Ku-band GEO/LEO antenna assemble. 

·High performance

·Low cost design

·High integration, with power control and beamformer software


·Easy to assemble

·Easy to control by simple protocol


X-PANEL is one of the core products of XPHASED. X-PANEL adopts 2D-AESA technology, has extremely high-speed beam scanning capability and provides accurate channel-wise control capability. XPHASED starts with MMIC and what we do is centered on the Ease of Use of the complete antenna, Low Cost and High Performance. The introduction of MMIC can be found in page of PRODUCT/MMIC. The use of a large number of patented technologies make several pieces of standard modular panel with a maximum of 768 elements possible to be integrated into the antenna through just a simple control protocol. X-PANEL integrates the array patch elements, the power amplifier that distributed to each patch, the amplitude and phase control, the power detection, the temperature compensation, beamformer algorithm implementation and power supply control functions. In addition, various possibilities in scalable schemes have been deeply considered, and complex tests have been completed in the designed structure and heat dissipation. XPHASED can provide partners with accurate mechanical and thermal interfaces and various heat dissipation suggestions. X-PANEL is a highly integrated AESA product with RF chip and antenna technologies. The easy-to-use and scalable features can well support the rapid and diversified development needs from partners. In addition, XPHASED also provides X-PANEL evaluation kit and technical support, to support partners to quickly evaluate and get their works started.

You may use it for car/train/yacht/vessel/caravan/oil & gas platform /aero/helicopter/UAV and other applications