XPHASED Satcom Phased Array Antenna Passed EU CE Certification, Making Its Way to the European Market

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The "X·TenQuin-VU4045 Satcom Phased Array Antenna" developed by XPHASED recently obtained the CE certificate issued by SGS, which indicates that the product has passed thorough testing including 12 major items and 72 sub-items. This approval  marks that in the terminal environment, the panels have met the requirements of international standards and EU directives in terms of production control, technology R&D, product quality, safety and environmental protection, etc. It will help raise the influence of XPHASED products in the relevant markets and accelerate the progress of delivering the quality product to our customers. It is worth noting that this is also the first plate-type phased array antenna product certified by SGS China.

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 CE Certificate

At the initial R&D stage of the panel product, XPHASED conducted planning and design according to CE standards, including RF, EMC, Safety, RoHS, REACH, and IP66. Our phased array antenna passed the relevant test items at one time. Besides,the number of RoHS test reached 458 points including 369 class A and 89 class B test points. Successfully passing the SGS authoritative test is the specific evidence of product performance.

This achievement is an impetus for us to standardize our design and production. The upcoming new models will be certified much faster by only testing the differences from this CE-certified antenna, In this way, we could significantly shorten the certification duration and thus to improve the delivery cycle time.

In addition, the products have passed the tests in 47 CFR Part 15 & Part 25 and the certificate is in process of issuing by FCC.

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About "X·TenQuin-VU4045 Satcom Phased Array Antenna"

X·TenQuin-VU4045 is a Ku-band linear polarized satellite communication ground terminal with completely independent intellectual property rights of XPHASED. It adopts a two-dimensional active phased array architecture and is applicable to the ground terminal communication system of GEO satellite constellations.

  2D active phased array architecture based on independently developed chips, with high reliability;

  Ultra-thin and light, and easy to fit with the carrier with a low profile;

  Flexible in use with modular, compact, and platform-based structure;

  Quickly point to and track the satellite according to the satellite ephemeris to establish a two-way communication link between the terminal, satellite, and gateway station;

  No moving components inside and no mechanical wear, guaranteeing high reliability and long service life.

  Fast deployment, no secondary assembly, plug and play;

Can be applied to various scenarios, such as vehicle-mounted, ship-borne, airborne, and portable scenarios of Satcom on the move;


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