Forging Ahead Unswervingly in Spite of Strong Wind

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The year of 2022 was a difficult and miserable year, witnessing a variety of expected and unforeseen trials and tribulations happen in just one year.

XPHASED was stuck in abnormal operating conditions for more than 60 days of the year, suffering from the resurgence of the epidemic in various ways, compounded by power restrictions in August due to high temperature.

The year saw a global boom for the phased array communications and radar market, while accompanied by tech wars and trade restrictions, bringing unprecedented excitement, complexity and changes to the field.

The year saw our continuous introspection and relentless adherence to pursuing technological progress and management improvement. We rolled out a series of dazzling products that are ultra-low-cost, integrated, common-aperture, multi-beam, and large-bandwidth, and meanwhile finished the preparation for mass production of standard products. The breadth of product lines and the scale of production mark the foundation of XPHASED. We were ready for battle and were about to charge.

The year also saw the expansion of our business. We were more proactive in introducing the latest progress of our phased array technologies and products to customers, and we stepped out of China to let the world know the Chinese power of phased array technologies. Our first battle was a success with orders multiplied.

This year was a year of harvest. We have won a number of awards: the First Prize of Science and Technology of Chinese Institute of Electronics, the Top Ten Scientific and Technological Progress of Chinese Universities, the First (Set of) Major Technical Equipment, and have obtained a series of international certifications such as CNAS, CE, FCC, ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO45001 and others. Building up strengths in a steady way, we emerged as a leader in the industry.

Today, the phased array communications and radar industry, in which XPHASED is playing, is facing historic opportunities, global markets, and yet brutal and bloody competition. In this emerging industry with the potential to reach trillion-dollar values, individuals, enterprises, countries, products and technologies are closely intertwined with one another and given complex and new relationships by the times. In such an industry, the first battle is the decisive battle, without chances for gradual development or roundabout routes. Once the knife is out, blood will be seen. In such an industry, players have no chance for turning back. Fighting resolutely is a must, which remains, in the end, are piles of corpses and few winners of the battle.

For XPHASED, the year 2023 will see either a glorious victory or a miserable failure. No intermediate options. In the coming year, we need to increase our orders by ten times, to ensure deliveries of ten times more, to eliminate every defect, to improve every bit of yield, and to continuously launch new products to outcompete our rivals. We must grasp every moment with even no time to envision the future.

Time simply flows by, swallowing twists and turns, hardships and efforts, while history can only be written by the victor, after the victory.

Then, let's fight for victory. In the dazzling fireworks, in the colorful bloom, and with the glory of the first smile, let’s look back on every step we have taken, on every bridge we have crossed, on every twist and turn we have lived through, and on every drop of sweat, blood and tear of ours. Let's fight for victory, so that we can record our history, our glory, and our great years. Let’s conceive a glorious future in a wild and profound way.

The ultimate victory is our whole reason and motivation.


Zhang Chengjun  

December 31, 2022

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