XPHASED Attends MWC Shanghai 2021

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Due to Covid-19 influence, MWC 2020 was canceled. This year, MWC 2021 returned to the spotlight with guaranteed epidemic prevention measures in Shanghai on 23-25 February 2021.

During the three-day MWC Shanghai 2021, we witnessed that 5G technology has started to be applied in all aspects. We know that for the evolution of each generation of mobile communication technology, whether it could eventually be transformed into large-scale commercial use and bring more efficient productivity, terminal equipment is one of the critical factors, and 5G is no exception. China has built nearly 720,000 5G base stations, accounting for about 70 percent of the global total in the past 16 months since the country's three major telecom operators officially started commercial 5G services in November 2019. Meanwhile, the number of 5G terminal connections in China has exceeded 200 million so far.

* The above data are from MWC officials.

XPHASED 5G millimeter-wave phased array product enjoys great popularity after in-depth communications with major 5G manufacturers.


Xphased Chief Scientist Professor Zhao Dixian explained our products


This debut at the MWC grand gathering achieves a successful ending, which is a very rewarding trip for XPHASED, and these recognitions from customers are our greatest encouragement.

Looking forward to the next gathering!


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