XPHASED Attends "2019 China Aeronautical Communications and Satellite Applications Symposium"

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The "2019 China Aeronautical Communications and Satellite Applications Symposium " was held on June 12-13, 2019, in Chengdu, China. 

The Symposium is aimed at actively promoting the application and industrial development of satcom and satellite navigation technology in the aviation field in China. Zhao Dongsheng, Secretary General of the China Airline Pilots’ Association, chaired the Symposium. Leaders and experts from government and military departments, educational and scientific research institutions, as well as representatives from civil aviation, aviation companies, satellite navigation, avionics and other industries were invited to attend the Symposium. The Symposium focused on the application of airborne satcom and navigation technologies, industrial development policies and market application requirements.

Mr.Zhang Chengjun, XPHASED General Manager, attended the Symposium and made a speech.

Industry experts in phased array technology introduced and exchanged relevant demands on phased array during the Symposium. XPHASED General Manager made a detailed introduction to the company's forward-looking products, and made a detailed analysis of the market application requirements and industrial development. Leaders and experts present on Symposium gave favorable comments and recognition to XPHASED phased array antennas products for their advancement and foresight. After the symposium, the organizing committee made a visit at XPHASED on June 13, 2019.


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